How to Start a Grant Writing Consulting Business

An online mini course on getting started, finding clients, pricing your services, and growing a team.


You Are In The Right Place If...

  • You are ready for a career change.
  • You want a work-from-anywhere career.
  • Your existing job wants to add grant writing as a service.
  • You are looking for a retirement side gig. 
  • You are a busy parent and need flexibility.


The grant writing industry is remarkably fulfilling. Consider this:

There is a Shortage of Talented Grant Writers for Hire

If we had a dollar for every time we were asked for a referral to a talented grant writer...well, we would have at least a thousand dollars! There is a lot of demand for talented grant writers.

Enjoy a High Quality of Life

You can write a grant from literally anywhere. Anywhere with the internet, that is. We even work with subcontractors that live abroad full-time but still make a career grant writing in the United States.

It is a Low Cost Business to Start

At its simplest, you need a computer, internet, and conference call software. Of course, we will cover what else you need, but the beauty in the business is how quickly you can start generating a profit with little upfront cost.

Grant Writing Is High-Impact and Meaningful

As many as 85% of American workers are unhappy with their jobs, according to the CNBC Workplace Happiness Index. What?! If you want to join the 15% that love what we do, that is reason alone to consider grant writing.


What You Will Learn

  • What you need to set up the business.
  • Where to find great clients. 
  • How to prepare a proposal and land a client. 
  • How much to charge.
  • If you should stay a one-person shop or grow.
  • Specific strategies for adding grant writing to an existing business. 

What You Get

  • 4 module mini course
  • Ability to ask questions in the comments section and an instructor will respond. 
  • Project estimate template (to make it easier to price your services).

"The grant writing business webinar was supremely helpful. The information presented was straightforward and practical and offered unique insights on things that don't always get addressed in similar webinars: How much should I charge? How do I find new clients? Should I grow a team? The webinar demystified a number of elements for starting a grant writing business. I feel like I stumbled onto a treasure trove of practical information that I can take forward into my own work."

Kate Hohman Billmeier

It's Easier Than You Might Think

You can be up and running before you might realize! Drop in your email below to get started. The next page will take you to checkout. And then you're away and running!

Frequently Asked Questions

We combine the best of online e-learning with personalized coaching to help community changemakers become grant writing unicorns. We are based in Valdez, Alaska and teach students throughout the United States.

Meredith Noble is the founder of LearnGrantWriting.Org and instructor of this webinar.  Meredith formerly worked for a top 10 global architecture and engineering firm as the firm's lead grant writer. She grew the company's practice to a team of 35+ professionals.

Meredith left to start her own grant writing consulting business, SenecaWorks, in 2018. The company is a six-figure practice with several talented subcontractors. 

She has secured over $42 million in grant funding and supported others in pursuing another $200M+.  She has worked on mega-telecommunication projects in Canada to rural projects for tribes throughout Alaska to skateparks on the East Coast and beyond. She has worked with startup non-profits to large municipal governments.

Her bachelors degree is in Marketing from Gonzaga University. She was raised 5th generation on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. She now calls Valdez home and is part of the Geeks in the Woods building companies remotely and living a high quality of life.

There several ways you can get to know our style and determine if it is a good fit for you.

  1. Sign up for our FREE mini course on how to write a grant in 7 steps

    You can get to know what the online learning experience is like and how we teach. 

  2. Read our book on How to Write a Grant and Become a Grant Writing Unicorn

    You can get to know our style by reading Meredith's #1 bestseller on Amazon for nonprofit fundraising and grants. You can purchase the book here.

  3. Watch free instructional videos on YouTube

    We add YouTube videos frequently to answer new questions as they come in and provide free advice on a variety of topics related to grant writing.

  4. Ask us anything directly!

    Drop us a line at [email protected] or contact us through this online form

The webinar doesn't require any prep work. The webinar is planned for one hour. We expect questions to extend us for 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Sweet. Bring em' on! Email our team at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP.

All good. Take our grant writing class, Grant Writing: From Start to Funded, and you will emerge fully qualified to write grants for hire.