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Your Stories.

Your Experiences.

Your Wins.

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Tom Kenny

Orrington, Maine

  • From grant writer to consultant

  • Using LinkedIn to land clients

  • Lessons from build a team

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Kim and Bob Yarnell

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

  • Husband-wife duo serve Veteran organizations

  • Have 15+ clients and growing

  • Worked on an $18 million capital campaign project

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Kyle Weckler

San Antonio, Texas

  • Used informational interviews to land a job

  • Landed full-time grant writer position

  • Gained project management expertise

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Stephanie Soliz

Salisbury, North Carolina

  • Achieved a dream to be a certified grant writer

  • Won $150,000 in grants (and growing)

  • Overcame fears of imposter syndrome

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Jessica Stack

Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Building a team with other grant writers in Hawaii

  • Won nearly $1 million in grant funding so far

  • Serves as Learn Grant Writing Coach

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Sarah Mueller

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

  • Communications degree. Now what?

  • Became trained in grant writing

  • Landing her first $100K

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Celia, Barbara, and Joanna

All over the US!

  • Celia is a grant writer for a nonprofit

  • Barbara is a nonprofit changemaker extraordinaire

  • Joanna is a consultant and fundraising expert

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Alexis Swenson

Audubon, MN

  • Grant writing consultant and mom

  • Secured over $2.6 million in grants

  • Joining LGW as Content Director

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Julia-Grace Sanders

Seattle, Washington

  • Former journalist

  • Started freelance grant writing

  • Landed new full-time job

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Anna Bateman

Valdez, Alaska

  • Loves to write grants

  • A tribal administrator

  • Funding work she loves

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Anna Twohig

Spokane, Washington

  • Volunteer to full-time

  • A unicorn in all she does

  • Won $32 million in grants

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Emily Dodge

Wasilla, Alaska

  • Broadband infrastructure grant

  • Only one year of experience

  • Importance of public support

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James Kamikawa

San Clemente, California

  • Wanted to learn for years

  • Non-profit grants for youth

  • His first online course

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Katie Cowgill

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

  • From incarceration to grant writer

  • Won over $150,000+ in grant funding within 6 weeks

  • Using grant writing to pay it forward

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Tsēmā Igharas

Northern Canada

  • Being a grant reviewer

  • Art and cultural grant funding

  • One project at a time

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