And feel confident you know what you are doing. 

Welcome Changemaker!

If you are a crazy busy, community changemaker, then you already know that you need to write winning grants. 

You don’t have time to lose a bunch of grants while learning. You need to be successful right from the get-go. 

You want to work on things that matter. Projects that are meaningful. Work that fills you with a sense of purpose. 

And, you know that talented grant writers are worth their weight in gold and that you want those same opportunities. 


  • Help You Uncover More Grants Than You Know What To Do With

    It is a lovely problem to have. The grant database we show you how to use, produces 100+ grants per project in - no joke - ten minutes or less. It is truly the best thing to happen to your sanity.
  • Help You Focus On The Right Grants 

    Finding 100+ grants is great, but all grants are not created equal. When you learn how to focus on the grants with the highest likelihood of success and return for effort, you don’t waste your time on the wrong pursuits.  
  • Stop The Cycle of Chasing Grants Haphazardly

    A grant that seems too good to be true comes across your desk, and you drop everything to apply...only to find out later you had no chance at all. Or perhaps you are pressed by your boss to pursue grant after grant last minute and it is burning you out. Learning how to plan grant pursuits in advance is game changing.
  • Improve Your Success Rate

    Imagine how good it would feel, to put together a funding strategy knowing exactly what grants you are pursuing and when? It feels great! And you will love how much it improves your success rate.
  • Make You Highly Sought After

    A talented grant writer is a HOT commodity! When you commit to becoming an exceptional grant writer, you will be turning down more opportunities than you can take.

The Path for Doing So is Anything But!

We hear you. There were no online options when we learned to write grants. We looked at several in-person grant writing workshops but found them to be too general. They also didn’t focus on the issues we were struggling with. Namely, 

  1. Where do I find new grants? 
  2. How do I fund a project that requires multiple grants?
  3. What happens if I can’t get the project entirely grant funded? 
  4. How do I write more persuasively? 

Even when got approval to take a course, we couldn’t find one that seemed right. So we went on learning the way we always did - the hard way. It worked...but it takes years and a ton of stupid mistakes. 

But we learned a lot too. And, now we can share those lessons and prevent you from making the same mistakes.

The crazy thing is that most people don’t invest in continued education. Yet if you waste your time on a SINGLE application that has no chance of getting funded, you have already spent the time that it would take to participate in an online course. The key to success is having a step-by-step approach that provides you with a more thorough and in depth understanding of the entire process from start to finish. 

Everything learned to win $42 million in grants and help others secure over $200 million, has been channeled into this step-by-step grant writing program.

Grant Writing: From Start to Funded puts the fun back into Funding. 

We know you want this knowledge and that you are crazy busy. To make things as straightforward as possible, we have boiled everything down as succinctly as possible. The end result: A fun, effective online program that will quickly get you up and running as an exceptional grant writer.

  • Built For The Super Busy

    You have a full time job. Maybe a family too. You are a volunteer and engaged in your community. You are all the things! That means you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. This course was built for you - the super busy community changemaker. Each module has 1-2 hours of video instruction. You can download the audio file and listen on the go. You CAN do this.

  • That Is Immediately Actionable

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when things are too general or theoretical. This course is not. You can deploy what you learn immediately. Not only as a grant writer, but in all of your work responsibilities! 

  • To Provide Personalized Feedback

    Online courses typically give you the lesson plan and expect you to be self sufficient. Not this one! You can post your planning toolkit, project budget, funding strategy, and even your grant narrative - and I will personally review it and give you feedback. 

  • To Give You A Community

    What happens when you get stuck six months from now? Who do you turn too? You can turn to our very own private grant writing community. Fellow students can help review your narrative proposals, and together we will help you work through any challenges you might encounter. 

Here's How It All Breaks Down

Module 1: Make Your Project Irresistible to Funders

What is the secret to making your project irresistible to funders? Mail your application with sparkles inside.

Kidding! It is having a well-planned project. I know, it is not the sexiest secret but it is true! 

You will receive a Planning Toolkit to walk through the process of learning to think like a funder. We press you to be crystal clear on what you do, why it is unique, who you serve, and how you will do it.

You can upload your Planning Toolkit to a shared folder. Our coaches and fellow students will give you personalized feedback!

This module also includes a Partnership Agreement Template. 

Module 2: Prepare a Stellar Grant Budget

Nine out of ten of you literally experience a spike in your blood pressure when I ask you to build a project budget. We are going to tackle your fears head on in this module and walk you through the process step by step to create a stellar grant budget. We provide you with a sample budget spreadsheet and show you how to go from an educated guess to a defensible budget.

You will receive a Grant Budget Template that makes the budgeting process super logical.

Module 3: Find Grants and Create a Funding Strategy

Finding grants is the number one pain point for most of you. Or perhaps you can find grants but don’t know which ones are worth pursuing. Don’t beat yourself up -- this is seriously the hardest part of the whole grant writing process! 

We will walk you through how to find 100+ grants and whittle that list down to the top 2-5 most worth your time. You will produce an actionable, logical funding strategy for funding your entire project or program.

You will receive a Funding Toolkit Template to guide you through this process. Post your Toolkit in our shared folder and receive personalized feedback. 

Module 4: Stay Organized and Write Winning Grants

It takes focus to write winning grants. And focus is hard to come by in our modern lives. This module focuses on how to stay organized and stress-free while grant writing. Once you have the right foundation in place, you can get to work writing winning grants. 

You will learn to prepare a grant narrative “skeleton” and host a rockin’ kick-off meeting. To make your life easier, we provide a number of templates including a meeting agenda, grant task calendar, resolution to submit, and guide to letters of support. 

Sitting down and writing your narrative can be one of the most dreaded activities. We will show you where to find supporting data and how to write persuasively and quickly. 

Once you are in the thick of writing an application, you can post your narrative and find peers to help you with editing.

Private Community Group of Grant Writers

The reason we are drawn to in-person events is because of the human connections we make. That real interaction is super valuable!

To keep that experience alive when learning online, we have formed a virtual community! Our community group operates much like Facebook (minus the distractions). 

Students introduce themselves and make connections. They find an accountability buddy. They even form coffee shop study groups! This is our hub for communicating as a group or for you to ask questions. 

The thing about grant writing is that every application has its own twists and turns. Even as an expert grant writer, it is easy to get stumped on something and want to ask for advice.

You can now do that! You can ask questions throughout the year with your ongoing membership. 

Monthly Webinar Training

On the third Wednesday of the month we provide a monthly webinar training. We poll the group on what they want covered. 

In the queue for Spring 2020 is a training on setting up a grant writing consulting business, a deep dive on letters of support, and grant administration. 

If there’s something you want covered, speak up and we will add it to our training schedule!

This is your monthly opportunity for continued education and connecting with other grant writers. 

"There is so much good intel in here. I can't believe how well organized and comprehensive this is. I love your overall approach of having clarity on your proposal, and most of the ducks in a row you'll need for any given grant in order prior to researching/applying. It makes so much sense, and makes me kick myself retrospectively for so many hours wasted! In short, I love this."

Alli Harvey
Consultant, Information Insights

Grant Writing: From Start to Funded is the most comprehensive, step-by-step program for changemakers who are excited and COMMITTED to becoming exceptional grant writers this year. Our community is filled with passionate, helpful, motivated, and super-supportive members. They know the difference between good and great is being intentional with their time and putting in the effort.

When you join, you will be a part of this special group. You will also get FULL access to all modules when you purchase the course.  You will have 30 days to decide if the course is right for you. Show us that you put in the effort (watching at least Module 1 and 2), and if you are still not satisfied, we will send you a refund. Send us an email at [email protected]

Registration Closed April 16th

This program only opens a few times per year. Click any of the options below to be notified the next time we open registration. You can always shoot us an email at [email protected] for an update.

Online Program



Access to Grant Writing: From Start to Funded, an online program with instructional videos and templates. Includes:

  • 11 Months of Live Webinar Workshops
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Private Community Group

Online Program



Access to Grant Writing: From Start to Funded, an online program with instructional videos and templates. Includes:

  • 11 Months of Live Webinar Workshops
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Private Community Group
  • 20% Savings Over Monthly Payments

Online Program + Coaching



Everything in the Grant Writing: From Start to Funded program plus personalized instructor review of your:

  • Project plan,
  • Budget, and
  • Funding Strategy

Online Program & Coaching



Everything in the Grant Writing: From Start to Funded program plus personalized instructor review of your:

  • Project plan,
  • Budget, and
  • Funding Strategy

Save 20% with full payment. 


What Others Have Asked Before Saying, "Heck Yes" to Grant Writing: From Start to Funded

The most common fear we hear is not having enough time to really invest in taking an online program. 

We hear you and have boiled the coursework down as tightly as possible. Our online course has four modules and each take about 5 hours to complete (one hour of video instruction and 4 hours of hands-on doing). 

Here's the deal with feeling too busy...

If you are interested in grant writing, that means you are by nature a community changemaker. Community changemakers are never NOT busy. It’s just who you are. You will always be pushing pace. 

Honestly, have you ever been like, “hmm that’s weird I don’t have anything planned! What should I do with all this free time?” Yeah like never right? 

The amount of time you will spend on one unsuccessful application is the amount of time it takes to improve your skills. Do you have to carve out the time and prioritize your learning? YES. But you can do it! Promise, we have boiled everything down as succinctly as possible, while still getting you hands-on time and results. 

Welcome! At least half the people who learn from us have zero experience in grant writing.

But you have been thinking about it for a long time right? You have something in mind you have always wanted to work on but never had the time to explore.

If not now, when? 

This is the PERFECT opportunity to carve out the time to explore that lil’ something you have always wanted to work on. Or to see if you are good at grant writing and can do something more with it. You are in a totally safe space to explore. 

Everything looks scarier from the outside. But once you jump in - even just with a baby step - you will instantly realize it’s not that bad! 2020 is a lucky year. Let’s make it the year you raise your bar - push your limits a smidge - and see what you can do. Life is too short to not work on what we most care about. You are in the right place. Join us! 

Yes you will. The course is designed for beginners to intermediate students, but I am always amazed at the feedback advanced grant writers give me. Advanced grant writers tend to really like Module 3 on putting together a funding strategy and organization management in Module 4. 

Sweet! We all have a little something we have always wanted to work on. If not now, when will you? Life is too short to not work on something you care about. Give yourself permission to test that idea out in this course. If not now, when?

Originally we told people to go find a non-profit they care about and ask to help them with their grant writing needs. If you are totally new to grant writing, that sounds intimidating right? 

10-4 we heard you! Instead, what about working on a sample project instead? In our online grant writing course, we provide at least three sample projects. If you end up really liking the sample project, you can get connected with the real organization behind it and gain real-world grant writing experience. For the workshop, you can make up an imagination project for the hands-on portion. 

If you are interested in grant writing as a new employable skill set or side hustle, the hardest part is getting that early experience. We can help you get that experience. 

Nice so do I! I’ll be heading to Canada to ski deep pow with my college girlfriends. Life doesn’t stop because we decide to invest in our learning. The course is taught like it’s a six week program, but if you fall a little behind, you can always catch up later.

It is a scrappy little Alaska startup! We combine the best of online e-learning with personalized coaching and a private network of grant writers to help community changemakers become grant writing unicorns. We are based in Valdez, Alaska but teach students throughout the United States and Canada. 

Sweet. Bring em' on! Email our team at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Yes you sure will. I personally review everyone’s toolkits that post them. I also am available once a week for a live zoom call and always available in the community group to answer questions.

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enroll in Grant Writing: From Start to Funded and get on your way to being an exceptionally talented grant writer in six weeks. 

  • You have been thinking about being a grant writer - or getting better at it - for a long time now. 
  • You find grant writing overwhelming and don’t know where to start to master it. 
  • You know grants are an empowering resource for your idea. 
  • You don’t have years to make mistakes and learn the hard way. 
  • You’re mentally prepared to really focus on this skill over the next six weeks and make learning a priority. 
  • You like the idea of learning being FUN and connecting with like-minded changemakers. 

If any of that resonates, then we would LOVE to have you in Grant Writing: From Start to Funded.