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Group Grant Writing Training

We help organizations build the capacity of their partner network to write winning grants.

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Grant Writing a Struggle?

The partner organizations you support are volunteer-based or have limited staff resources, making it a challenge to pursue grant funding. Additionally, grants from these organizations do not have a high success rate.

Leaving Money on the Table?

Without formal grant writing training, your beneficiaries apply for grants haphazardly, leading to burnout and exhaustion. Leaders of these small organizations know the importance of pursuing grant funding and are struggling to fit it into their other responsibilities.


The True Cost?

This means grants are going to the same, larger organizations and not the rural, small organizations that need it most. Of the small organizations winning grants, it is often precariously hinging on one super star working nights and weekends. We both know what happens when that person leaves burned out.

And that led you here...

In search of training that is technical, applicable, and flexible to individuals within your partner organizations.

We've Got You. Introducing...


A proven 6-week training program to scale the internal grant writing capacity of those you serve.

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Participants Can Expect...

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To find grants with the highest ROI

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To write more winning grant proposals

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To build a stellar in-house grant writing team

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To systematize grant pursuits

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To make the most of funder outreach

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How 6-Week Cohorts Work

A customized group training program with online curriculum, 1-1 coaching, and live workshops.



Step-by-step video instruction on how research grants and write winning proposals. Participants will receive a schedule for getting through the curriculum.

  • Module 1 Getting Funder Ready
  • Module 2 Finding Grants
  • Module 3 Writing Winning Grants
  • Module 4 Bonus Training



Live online workshops provide a place for participants to get their questions answered in a group setting. Connections that last well beyond the 6-week program form here.

  • 3 live Mastermind Workshops online
  • 1 live online panel with relevant funders
  • Playback links for additional reference



Coursework is reviewed by a Grant Writing Coach, providing personalized feedback to each participant.

  • Personalized review of Funding Strategy (a roadmap on which grants to pursue over the next 12-18 months)
  • Q&A on course videos

Earn Your Grant Writer


Complete phases 0-3, pass two exams, and submit a real Funding Strategy to earn your certificate!

  • We track course progress for accountability and support
  • Excellent confidence booster for participants
Meredith Noble and Rose Hedberg
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Taught By Industry Experts

Meredith Noble, the co-founder of Learn Grant Writing, is the lead instructor for course curriculum. She is the bestselling author of How to Write a Grant: Become a Grant Writing Unicorn and featured for her expertise in Forbes, Fast Company, Nasdaq, and others. Meredith has trained thousands of grant writers who have won well over $500 million in grants.

Each cohort’s live workshops are led by a certified grant writer and coach from the Learn Grant Writing team. Our coaches are of the highest standard, trained in strategic grant pursuit, grant writing, and project management. Our lead cohort coach is Rose Hedberg who has worked with nonprofits in Cambodia, Nicaragua, California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts helping them to research and pursue funding.

Plus these two bonuses

Pen to Polished

Receive (for FREE) an online writing course on how to write well and say what you mean in grant applications. This 9-module writing course regularly receives rave reviews for helping move past writer’s block and find one’s confidence.

Copy of Meredith's Book

Each participant will receive a FREE copy of Meredith’s bestselling book, How to Write a Grant: Become a Grant Writing Unicorn before the cohort begins.

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  • Average contract size is $40K
  • Average cohort size is 25
  • Five cohort cycles available
    Eligibility Requirements:
  • Minimum of 10 Participants

Cohort Cycles 2023

Cycle 1

March 1st -

April 12th

Cycle 2

May 1st -

June 9th

Cycle 3

June 26th -

August 4th

Cycle 4

September 11th -

October 20th

Cycle 5

November 6th -

December 15th

Don't Take Our Word For It

Frequently Asked Questions

We have five cycles for cohorts throughout the year. We encourage giving participants at least three weeks to prepare before a cohort starts so they can clear 5 hours a week on their calendar. Cycle dates are March 1st to April 12th, May 1st to June 9th, June 26th to August 4th, September 11th to October 20th, and November 6th to December 15th. Cohorts book up. Be sure to get in contact to hold your spot.

We urge interested organizations to request scheduling their cohort as far in advance as possible. Because we have only five cycles throughout the year each hosting only five cohorts, we advise interested organizations to request a discovery call as soon as possible. Cohorts can be booked a year in advance.

The cohort is a six-week intensive training. We have experimented with cohorts of various lengths and our results show that a six week block with four live training sessions is the most conducive for engagement and success. Six weeks is the ideal amount of time for participants to review and complete the required modules in the From Start To Funded Course without being overwhelming or dragging on to where participants lose momentum. This length means that participants need to commit 3-5 hours per week to the course content. This is considered an intensive course.

We encourage participants to block 5 hours per week. The more they put into it, the more they will get out of it. We will help you communicate with participants ahead of time how to plan their schedules to allow for this training.

Yes, to create a learning environment for your cohort, we require a minimum of ten participants. There is no maximum number of participants that can partake in a cohort. We have had up to 100 participants at a single time. The greater the number of participants the more there are possibilities for collaboration and unified grant understanding across your organization.

We understand that professional grant writing training is in high demand, especially for smaller organizations. If you are an organization interested in our cohort model, but you have less than ten participants, please send us a notification of interest via email with the number of participants your organization wants to train. There may be an opportunity for your organization to join another cohort. We will do our best to bring like-minded organizations together and notify you if we have any opening seats in a cohort.

We price our cohorts based on the number of participants. Schedule a discovery call where we can discuss quotes or email [email protected] directly.

We understand that a price tag can be a deterrent. The value of a program, however, delivers life-long skills that exceed the one-time price tag. Organizations in the past have been creative in funding cohorts by cost-sharing with their participants or seeking grants for professional development. We can share these strategies with you.

Participants will have access to both online courses for one year. This allows them to return to the materials and rewatch training when they get stuck in a real-world grant application. If participants want lifetime access, we can provide it for a nominal fee.

We understand that life is busy, and emergencies happen. All of our live training sessions are recorded. A link to those recordings are sent out in an email one to two days after the live training session. This allows anyone who missed a session to stay up to date with the rest of the cohort. It’s also a good resource for participants who want to return to a question discussed in the training session.

With this course, there is not a pop-up community, however, one of the perks of the one-on-one facilitation provided in this training is the six-week access via email to the trained coach. Any questions, concerns, or even cause for celebration, can be addressed to your coach. We have found in the past that the community group overwhelms participants on top of coursework and live workshops. That said, if you want to host a community group for your participants, we can make recommendations on how to make it most successful.

We will provide you with a marketing flyer about the training for prospective participants deciding to take the training or not. In the past, we have also taught a live (paid) workshop to reach a broader audience and help participants determine if they wanted to further their studies. We are here to help you with promotion support.

Part of the magic of the Grant Writing Unicorn method is the research process. We help participants better manage the research process through a system that is efficient, effective, and saves a whole lot of time as opposed to the Google search method. We use Instrumentl because their database captures federal, state, local grants and foundations of all sizes, including corporate grants. Instrumentl is not included in the course fee as it is a 3rd party organization. We can help to arrange a meeting with a coordinator from Instrumentl who can explain custom plans. To begin with, as part of the Learn Grant Writing course, participants can use a promo code to get a three-week free trial. This is an exclusive offer to Learn Grant Writing and includes discounted pricing for the first year.

Participants will learn how to pursue grants from small local foundations to large, complex federal grants. We have taught non-profits of every size, tribal governments and sovereign nations in Canada, for-profit engineering firms, municipalities, clubs…you name it!

Nope. We can teach cohorts in Canada and might be able to entertain a cohort in Europe depending on the niche.

Still have questions? Get in touch.

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