Grant Writing: From Start to Funded

Confidently write winning grants for your community.


You Are In the Right Place If...

  • You have wanted to learn for a while.

  • You write grants but never had formal training.

  • You are curious about freelance grant writing.
  • It's part of your job. 

  • Or you want to volunteer!



  • Make You Highly Sought After

    A talented grant writer is a HOT commodity! When you commit to becoming an exceptional grant writer, you will be turning down more opportunities than you can take. 
  • Allow You Lifestyle Flexibility

    The beauty of grant writing is that you only need a computer and internet! Build a career around your lifestyle. 
  • Save You From Years of Mistakes

    Save yourself time and heart-ache learning everything through trial and error. 
  • Give You Confidence

    Learn the habits of professionals, so you can confidently win grants for the causes you most care about.

To Be Clear...

We don't want to sugar coat it. Grant writing is hard work. But if it fits your personality and goals, it can be life-changing. 

If You Have Ever Wondered...

  • How do I know if grant writing is right for me?
  • What are my career options with grant writing?
  • What's the time commitment to learn?
  • Where do I even start to learn? should watch the webinar 👇  below to get your questions answered!


Discover if grant writing is for you in this free webinar

Learn the common traits of successful grant writers and the career opportunities available to you.


  • Built For The Super Busy

    You have a full time job. Maybe a family too. You are a volunteer and engaged in your community. You are all the things! This course was built for you - the super busy community changemaker. 

  • That Is Immediately Actionable

    One of our biggest pet peeves is when things are too general or theoretical. This course is not that. You can deploy what you learn immediately. Not only as a grant writer, but in all of your work responsibilities! 

  • Taught By Several Grant Writers

    What's better than the expertise of one grant writer? The expertise of many! LearnGrantWriting is a platform for experts to share their knowledge. 

  • To Give You A Community

    What happens when you get stuck six months from now? You can turn to your very own private grant writing community on Facebook. 

What You Can Expect To Learn

Module 1: Prep for Success

Learn how to access the game-changing templates and sample resources we provide and stay organized. Then, learn how to frame your funding needs to maximize your appeal to funders.

Module 2: Find Grants

Learn the types of funding available and the best database for finding 100+ grants in minutes. Then learn to filter those grants down to the top 2-5 worth pursuing!  

Module 3: Write Grants

Discover a step-by-step approach to writing winning grants. Learn to write persuasively, prepare a budget, get rockin' letters of support, and not run out of time before the grant deadline. 

Module 4: Bonus Training!

Wrap up learning about fiscal sponsorship, managing your energy to do your best work, and the software we can't live without writing grants. 

"Whether you’ve been grant writing for years or if it’s your very first time, trial by fire style (we’ve all been there), LearnGrantWriting's can-do approach to grant writing is for everyone. I’ve been writing grants for public and private funds, for both nonprofits and public entities, over the last several years. I’ve attended workshop after workshop and poured over books and online articles galore about the grant writing process, looking for the secret recipe for the perfect grant application and trying to get an edge over the competition. After years of searching, I finally found what I was looking for outlined in this course – it’s the best road map I’ve found for actually writing a grant from pre-planning to submittal, with a whole lot of humor along the way."

Anna T.
Professional Grant Writer & Volunteer

Mini Course on 7 Steps to Write a Grant


40 minute mini course with online instructional videos. 

Includes a grant budget spreadsheet.

An excellent introduction to the grant writing process.

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GRANT WRTING: From Start to Funded



2.5 hours of Iinstructional online videos.

15+ templates and samples for every step of the process.

Private community group with grant writing coaches.

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GRANT WRITING: From Start to Funded



2.5 hours instructional videos

15+ templates and samples

Private community group with grant writing coaches

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You made it this must be curious about grant writing! 

Check out this webinar examining common traits of successful grant writers and all of the career options available to you. We will also show you what it's like to learn with us, so you can decide if Grant Writing: From Start to Funded is for you.


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Discover in 37 minutes 😊  common traits among grant writers, career opportunities, and how to become a grant writing unicorn.