From Start to Funded

Confidently write winning grants for your community.

Mini Course on Grant Writing


Nine instructional videos on how to write a grant in seven easy-to-follow steps. Videos are 3-8 minutes long.

Includes a grant budget spreadsheet.

An excellent introduction to the grant writing process.

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Grant Writing: From Start to Funded



Instructional online videos with template resources to save you time.

Access to a private community membership of grant writers, where you get live coaching and new content monthly. 

The knowledge and skills to write winning applications!

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Grant Writing: From Start to Funded & Coaching



Everything in the Grant Writing: From Start to Funded program plus personalized instructor review of your:

  • Project plan,
  • Budget, and
  • Funding Strategy
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Grant Writing Workshops



1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day options

Small groups to 100+ attendees

Recipients receive all template resources and FREE book (up to 20)

Popular for professional associations providing CEUs

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Grant Writing: From Start to Funded

Get ready to deep dive into the world of grant writing! We take the intimidation out of grant writing.

Our program combines the best of online learning with one-on-one coaching.

You are going to learn:

  • How to make your project or organization irresistible to a funder.

  • How to find grant money and decide which applications are worth your precious time.

  • How to write compelling grant applications and stay stress-free, and

  • How to be a grant writing unicorn!

Our program opens periodically throughout the year. Sign up below to be notified when registration opens.



  • Help You Uncover More Grants Than You Know What To Do With

    It is a lovely problem to have. The grant database we show you how to use, produces 100+ grants per project in ten minutes or less. It is truly the best thing to happen to grant writers.
  • Help You Focus On The Right Grants 

    Finding 100+ grants is rad, but all grants are not created equal. When you learn to focus on the right grants, you don’t waste time on the wrong pursuits.  
  • Stop The Cycle of Chasing Grants Haphazardly

    A grant that seems too good to be true comes across your desk, and you drop everything to apply...only to find out later you had no chance at all. Learning how to plan grant pursuits in advance is game changing.
  • Improve Your Success Rate

    Paint a big picture to funders on how you will fund your entire project or program. 
  • Make You Highly Sought After

    A talented grant writer is a HOT commodity! When you commit to becoming an exceptional grant writer, you will be turning down more opportunities than you can take.


  • Built For The Super Busy

    You have a full time job. Maybe a family too. You are a volunteer and engaged in your community. You are all the things! That means you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. This course was built for you - the super busy community changemaker. Each module has 1-2 hours of video instruction. You can download the audio file and listen on the go. You CAN do this.

  • That Is Immediately Actionable

    One of our biggest pet peeves is when things are too general or theoretical. This course is not. You can deploy what you learn immediately. Not only as a grant writer, but in all of your work responsibilities! 

  • To Provide Personalized Feedback

    Online courses typically give you the lesson plan and expect you to be self sufficient. Not this one! You can post your planning toolkit, project budget, funding strategy, and even your grant narrative - and we will personally review it and give you feedback. 

  • To Give You A Community

    What happens when you get stuck six months from now? Who do you turn too? You can turn to our very own private grant writing community. Fellow students can help review your narrative proposals, and together we will help you work through any challenges you might encounter. 

What You Can Expect To Learn

Module 1: Make Your Project Irresistible to Funders

What is the secret to making your project irresistible to funders? Mail your application with sparkles inside. Kidding! It is having a well planned project. We know, it is not the sexiest secret but it is true! You will receive a Planning Toolkit to walk through the process of learning to think like a funder. We press you to be crystal clear on what you do, why it is unique, who you serve, and how you will do it.

Module 2: Prepare a Stellar Grant Budget

Nine out of ten of you literally experience a spike in your blood pressure when asked to build a project budget. We are going to tackle your fears head on in this module and walk you through the process step by step to create a stellar grant budget. We provide you with a sample budget spreadsheet and show you how to go from an educated guess to a defensible budget.

Module 3: Find Grants and Create a Funding Strategy

Finding grants is the number one pain point for most of you. Or perhaps you can find grants but don’t know which ones are worth pursuing. Don’t beat yourself up -- this is seriously the hardest part of the whole grant writing process! We will walk you through how to find 100+ grants and whittle that list down to the top 2-5 most worth your time. You will produce an actionable, logical funding strategy for funding your entire project or program.

Module 4: Stay Organized and Write Winning Grants

This module focuses on how to stay organized and stress-free while grant writing. Once you have the right foundation in place, we can get to work writing winning grants. We will cover everything from how to write persuasively, where to find supporting data, and how to prepare strong attachments. You will prepare a narrative skeleton for a real grant application and receive ongoing support from the community network as your develop your application after the course ends.

Private Community Group of Grant Writers

The reason we are drawn to in-person events is because of the human connections we make. That real interaction is super valuable! To keep that experience alive when learning online, we have formed a virtual community. The thing about grant writing is that every application has its own twists and turns. Even as an expert grant writer, it is easy to get stumped on something and want to ask for advice. You can now do that! 

Monthly Webinar Training

On the last Wednesday of the month we provide a monthly webinar training. We poll the group on what they want covered. 

This is your monthly opportunity for continued education and connecting with other grant writers. 

"Whether you’ve been grant writing for years or if it’s your very first time, trial by fire style (we’ve all been there), LearnGrantWriting's can-do approach to grant writing is for everyone. I’ve been writing grants for public and private funds, for both nonprofits and public entities, over the last several years. I’ve attended workshop after workshop and poured over books and online articles galore about the grant writing process, looking for the secret recipe for the perfect grant application and trying to get an edge over the competition. After years of searching, I finally found what I was looking for outlined in this course – it’s the best road map I’ve found for actually writing a grant from pre-planning to submittal, with a whole lot of humor along the way."

Anna T.
Professional Grant Writer & Volunteer

How Can I Be Sure the Program is Worth the Price?

There several ways you can get to know our style and determine if we are a good fit for you.

  1. Sign up for our FREE mini course on how to write a grant in 7 steps

    You can get to know what the online learning experience is like and how we teach. Test it out and make sure it's a good fit for your learning style!

  2. Read our book on How to Write a Grant and Become a Grant Writing Unicorn

    Our book distills the most important concepts you need to know to be a successful grant writer. You can purchase the book here.

  3. Watch free instructional videos on YouTube

    We add YouTube videos frequently to answer new questions as they come in and provide free advice on a variety of topics related to grant writing.

  4. Ask us anything directly!

    Drop us a line at [email protected] or contact us through this online form

Become a Grant Writing Unicorn

If you made it this far, you are serious about upping your grant writing skills. Our program fills up quickly. To be the first to know about registration, be sure to sign up below for notification. It's not every day you get to have this much fun while learning new skills! 


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Become a Grant Writing Unicorn!

We can't wait to have you in the Learn Grant Writing Program. We will notify you when registration opens at least ten days prior to when class starts. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to drop our customer support team a line at [email protected]