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Join us April 9th and become a grant writing unicorn!

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Our exact 4-part playbook to making $15,000 as a freelance grant writer with no prior grant writing or business experience, so you have a portfolio to land your dream job or scale a 6-figure consulting business.

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This Training is For You If...

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Grant writing keeps coming up and you want to explore your curiosity more seriously.

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You have been following us for a while and want to fully understand the method to our madness.

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You want more career flexibility to have hobbies again, spend time with your family, and feel healthier.

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You aren’t sure if you want to work for yourself or seek a grant writing job.

Meredith and Alex, Co-founders of Learn Grant Writing

What You Will Learn

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Status of the grant writing industry and how you can prepare.

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Why you should NOT volunteer to gain experience and what to do instead.

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How much to charge to get real-world paid experience and make your first $15,000.

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The “Organic Networking Framework” so you never have to apply or stay in a soul-sucking job again.

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How programming at Learn Grant Writing works so you can make an educated decision on whether or not to keep learning with us.

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Choose the Time That’s Best For You!

(P.S. If you can't make either time, we recommend you register for Friday, April 8. We can email you a replay. This is a rare live training and time sensitive! International Unicorn Day only happens once a year!) 🎂

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