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#1 Ranked Online Grant Writing Class

Ditch the overwhelm and avoidable mistakes. Learn how to make your project irresistable to funders and write winning grant applications.

Meredith teaching online training From Start to Funded
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How to Write A Grant: Become a Grant Writing Unicorn book

Not Sure You’ll Like Grant Writing?

If you like to collaborate and work on meaningful, project-based work, then the answer is probably yes! Confirm by taking our free grant writing class.

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A Detailed Online Grant Writing Course to Take You From Overwhelm to Grant Writing Unicorn

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This Course Is For You If You...

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Aren't sure you will like grant writing and want to dip your toes in first.

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Are responsible for getting grants for your nonprofit organization.

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Have struggled to find a job that aligns with your values and interests AND pays a living wage.

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Are looking to make a career shift that gives you flexibility, whether that's a full time job or freelancing.

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Want to confidently write winning grants!

Community changemakers learning how to secure grant funding
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Cool. Confirmed That's You? Read On!

Grant Writing: From Start to Funded is a self-study online course to take the guesswork out of how to manage all the moving parts involved in writing winning grant applications.

Module 1

Get Funder Ready

Become irresistable to funders.

Module 1: Get Ready

Download 15+ templates, including sample grant narratives. Turn an idea into a well-planned project.

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    Lesson 1-3: Develop your Project Planning Toolkit
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 4: Build a Power Prospectus
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 5: Logic Models and Evaluation
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 6: Creative Ways to Get Funded

Module 2: Find Grants

This is our secret sauce! Nobody teaches the grant research process like we do.

  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 1: How Funding Works
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 2: The Grant Research Funnel
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 3-5: Using #1 Grant Database
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 6: Developing a Funding Strategy
Module 2

Grant Research

Focus on the right grants

Module 3

Write Winning Grants

A step by step approach

Module 3: Write Grants

Gain the confidence to write winning grants and help worthy organizations improve the lives of others.

  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 1: Grant Preparation
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 2: Grant Schedule and Kick-Off
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 3: Develop Your Grant Budget
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 4: Attachments
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 5: Write Your Narrative
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 6: Data Driven Writing and Editing
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 7-9: Submit and More

Module 4: Career Paths

For those of you then trying to figure out how to land a job in grant writing or freelance, it all starts by gaining real world experience.

  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 1: Career Path Options
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 2: Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 3: Grant Writing Unicorn Method
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 4: Global Grant Writers Collective
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 5: FAQs
Module 4

Build Your Career

For Portfolio Experience and 💰💰💰

Module 5

Bonus Trainings

Never Stop Learning

Module 5: Bonuses

We add free bonus trainings as they are produced and helpful for you!

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    Lesson 1: Energy Management
  • Checkmark icon
    Lesson 2: Navigating Sticky Situations
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    Lesson 3: Design Thinking
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    Lesson 4: Added Quarterly!
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What About Asking Questions?

You can ask questions below the instructional videos and a coach will get back to you within 36 hours. If you know you want more robust coaching and community, be sure to check out the Global Grant Writers Collective.

Additional bonus training

Let’s Do This! Choose Your Plan

Pay one time annually or with 3 monthly payments. If you decide to join the Global Grant Writers Collective later, we will subtract $750 from your total so it's financially awash for you.

Most Popular

Payment Plan

$250 per mo. for 3 months

YASSS! Let's Do This

Online instructional training including:

  • 5 Modules of Training
  • Templates for Everything
  • Discounts to Grant Databases

Pay In Full

$750 for the year

YASSS! Sign Me Up

Online instructional training including:

  • 5 Modules of Training
  • Templates for Everything
  • Discounts to Grant Databases
Money back guarantee with full refund
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What Members Are Saying

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Questions Asked Before Saying "Heck Yes!"

You can join at any time. After submitting payment, you will have immediate access to Grant Writing: From Start to Funded! You can start watching Module "zero" right away to get the lay of the land. Here we give you all the templates you will need from the program and show you how to move through the course material.

The most common fear prospective students have is not having enough time to watch the online instructional videos and take action. You’re busy. We get it! For that reason, we boiled the coursework down as tightly as possible.

You can Netflix binge the instructional training or take your time on a real-world project. Most take 90 days with 5 hours per week to complete the video training and apply to a real world project. Very doable my friend!

Successful students are blocking their schedule and treating the course like a college class. You wouldn’t miss a college class! Treat your online learning the same way and schedule the time for it.

This course is the most efficient way to learn grant writing. Option B is trial and error and that takes years!

Welcome! Over half the people who learn from us have zero experience in grant writing when they got started.

But you have been thinking about it for a long time, right?

This is the perfect opportunity to carve out the time to explore that little something you always wanted to do. You are in a safe space to explore all the opportunities available to you with grant writing as a technical skill set.

Life is too short to not work on that which matters to you. You are in the right place. Join us!

Welcome! About 25% are dedicated grant writers in an organization (like a municipal government or nonprofit). Others have innovative ventures that they are looking to get funded by using grants as a creative business development tool. Some are brand new non-profits where the Executive Director needs to learn grant writing to get the organization up and running before passing on those duties.

Whatever your motivation, you will benefit from the training provided in Grant Writing: From Start to Funded.

The only caveat we want to call out is that sometimes people want grants to pay for their business startup costs. Only in certain situations does that work, otherwise you will need to consider other types of financing.

The bulk of the course instruction is still relevant for you, regardless of location. The exceptions are that the grant writing database we teach is US based. We have members from throughout the world and they are finding the best grant research tools in their country. We are aggregating that information into a linkable google doc that you can reference. If your country isn't included, we will collaborate with you to find the best tools.

Aside from those caveats, everything applies regardless of your nation. Here's a quote from Putul in India who is implementing the Organic Networking Framework to create paid grant writing opportunities: "Honestly, I had my reservations about whether this course will help me earn big bucks because of the whole Indian-Western context clouding my head but I now have no doubt that the 🦄 magic works across borders."

Nope, you don't. But... concepts stick better when you have a real-world project. If you want to learn how to find a real-world project, you should consider joining us in the Global Grant Writer's Collective instead.

The course is designed for beginner to intermediates, but we are continually amazed at the feedback advanced grant writers give us. They love refreshing their skills and learning new ways to do things.

Here's a snippet of a quote from one of our advanced grant writers, Tara O'Hanley: "I've been chasing, working under, or administering grants for more than 20 years at this point, and today is easily the best I have ever felt about anything related to the grant writing process...What a relief, to go from merely working hard (and not knowing whether it will pay off) to working smart (and being able to relax, knowing that, if I stay focused, I have my best possible shot at success)... I'll sing the praises of this course to anyone who will listen, for as long as I can!"

For most advanced grant writers, we recommend you join us in the Global Grant Writers Collective where you can participate in advanced coaching calls, receive advanced grant writing training, and meet other advanced grant writers.

No you will not. To earn your certificate, you must be a member of the Global Grant Writers Collective where a grant writing coach reviews your assessments and homework to certify you.

You will not find a grant writing system like what we have built here. Past students regularly tell us that the class is worth much, much more than what we charge.

When you join, you get FULL access to all online content. You will have seven days to decide if this program is right for you. Show us that you put in the effort by watching at least Module 1 and 2, and if you are still not satisfied, we will send you a refund less credit card fees. Just send us an email at [email protected] to let us know how we could've improved your experience.

You will have access for one year. If you want longer access, we encourage you to join us in the Global Grant Writers Collective where you can receive additional training, a world-class community of grant writers, coaching calls, bonus trainings, book club, and more.

We use every template provided, so no extra useless fluff here. When you join,you get access to our Google Drive, where we share the following templates and resources:

  • Informational Interview Questionnaire
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Funding Research Guide
  • Funding Strategy Template
  • Sample Project Prospectuses
  • Grant Checklist Template
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Letters of Support Templates
  • Sample Grant Narratives
  • Grant Narrative Skeleton
  • Grant Budget Template
  • Resolution Template
  • Grant Schedule
  • Asana Project Management Templates
  • And many more for good measure!

We have closed captioning on all instructional videos and transcripts available for you to download. If you have additional suggestions on how to make our program as inclusive as possible, please feel free to share those with us!

Still have questions? Get in touch. 🦄  Curious about success stories? Read a few success stories here!
Watch video to see if grant writing is a career for you
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Want To Learn More?

We made this video to answer your questions about how to build a career in grant writing without the fear of where you will find clients or the fear of failure. We cover the top three mistakes that keep people from making the leap from a soul-sucking job to something more meaningful.

Watch Video

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