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Free Grant Writing Resources

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Is Grant Writing a Good Career For You?

Take our 16 question personality quiz to find out!

We’ve trained 3,200+ individuals in the profession of grant writing which gives us some stellar data to compare you to a successful grant writer. Let's look at whether your interests, ideal work environment, goals, and grit align with a career in grant writing.

Free Grant Writing Resources to Make Your Life Easier

This is where we house all of the free grant writing resources and templates we provide. Anytime we add something new, it will get added to this page, so be sure to bookmark it. Go ahead and download them all and let us know what you think!

Grant Writing Budget Template

Every grant writer ever has googled “free grant budget template.” The search term never actually yields a FREE budget template! Until now that is. Download our free grant budget template below and get comfortable using it by taking our free grant writing class.

Google Sheet

Grant Funding Research Matrix

We think about grant research like a funnel. Research 100+ grants and then get those down to the top 15-20 worth further considering. This spreadsheet template makes it easier to view those grant opportunities in one place. In Grant Writing: From Start to Funded you will learn every step to finding the right 2-5 grants worth pursuing.

Google Sheet

Sample Kickoff Meeting Agenda

A kick-off meeting is where you gather everyone involved in the project to plan for the grant preparation process. The amount of help you receive while grant writing is directly related to the success of your kick-off meeting! Here is a sample meeting agenda to help you prepare.

Google Doc

Letters of Support Spreadsheet

Want to double your narrative and not have to write it? The trick is great letters of support! Quality letters of support add heart and sincerity to your application and can nudge your application ahead of the rest. Learn our process for collecting genuine letters of support in this blog post: Doubling Narrative Letters of Support for Grants.

Google Sheet

How Healthy is Your Consulting Business ?

Not sure how it's sustainable to scale your consulting business? Exhausted? Skeptical about hiring help? Not taking home the salary you should? When’s the last time you checked the health of your business? The consulting business test can quickly diagnose your sticking points and get you moving, with more joy and east.

Take the 3 min test to calculate your score.

Books on Grant Writing

Listen to the 1st Edition of How to Write a Grant: Become a Grant Writing Unicorn

When we first dipped our toes into the world of grant writing, we looked for a book on the topic. Everything we found was dense and overwhelming. To prove that grant writing is not rocket science, we produced this easy-to-read book on grant writing.

Enjoy your free grant writing audiobook to see grant writing explained in a simple and straightforward way.

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Grant Writing Book

Have You Seen the 2nd Edition?

This book answers all your questions related to grant writing and the questions you want to ask like how do you build a career in grant writing? What if the grant you write doesn’t win? How do you make time for this?

Here’s what we want you to know: if you can think critically and commit to being the best version of yourself, you will succeed as a grant writing unicorn. This book will show you how.

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Discounts & Coupons!

As Learn Grant Writing has grown, we have been lucky to receive special discounts on software, services, and tools which we pass on to you. We only show discounts for things we love and use on a regular basis.

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Set up a free trial with Instrumentl to research grants, review 990 forms, and manage your grant pursuits.If you end up buying a subscription, use the discount code LGW to get $50 off your first month of Instrumentl here.

Online Grant Database

Our Guide To Getting Set Up In Instrumentl

We have several tips and tricks for making the most of finding grant opportunities for your project or program. Download Guide on how to get set up.

Our Guide to Instrumentl

Loom - Make Email Fun Again

If you email us, there's a good chance you will get a Loom video back. It's a great way to pack a lot more heart into a response. Try out Loom in sending emails to your customers, funders, and beyond.

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Free Grant Writing Classes

If you want to get a taste of course quality and content, enroll in our free grant writing class on How to Write a Grant in 7 Steps. Also, if you haven't seen our free video training page, you can check that out here.

Learn Grant Writing Youtube page

Have You Seen Our YouTube Channel?

We drop a new video on YouTube once a week (sometimes even twice!). We pride ourselves on actually delivering value in our videos and not providing generic, theoretical gibberish. We teach things quite a bit differently than our peers. Our two favorite playlists are: 1) Freelance grant writing and grant writing jobs; and 2) Grant Writing Unicorn spotlights!

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Alex learning how to write grants online class

How to Write Grants

In this free online grant writing class, learn how set up your folder structure, read funding guidelines, and prepare your narrative skeleton. Then learn how to develop your grant budget and key attachments. After that, you will learn how to write a persuasive narrative. Wrap up the course by learning how to submit your application.

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Freelance Grant Writer

Build Your Career as a Grant Writer

No prior experience required. In this FREE training you will learn why you should NOT volunteer to gain experience and what to do instead. Includes how to find clients with no uncomfortable promotion. Make your first $15,000 as a freelance grant writer and then decide to scale your consulting business or land a new job.

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