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How to decide if the Global Grant Writers Collective is for you.


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Brand New Grant Writer

I want to explore becoming a grant writer and freelancing. I don’t have any (or much) prior experience. I’m ready to try new things!

Existing Consultant

I have made at least $35,000 in consulting revenue and want to pay myself at least $100k/year, build business systems, and hire help.

In-House Writer

I am an in-house nonprofit grant writer and want support to do my job better. I want to write more winning grants for my organization!

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When members join the Collective, they marvel at how much more is included than they realized. We always struggled to fully communicate the magic under the hood…until now! Take your time going through this guide to gather all the fine details of Collective membership.

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Our Juicy Guarantee

If you still don’t think the Collective is the finest corner of the internet, let us know within 24 days, and we will cancel your payments going forward. That means, you only have to commit to 1 month for full access, which in case it isn’t obvious, is a hella generous guarantee.

Earn to Learn

We’re known for showing you how to get paid work to learn grant writing and build your dream career. Check out a few of these screenshots from our community group. Review many, many more here (which are still but a fraction of the wins posted daily!).

Paid Work

Even More FAQs Before Saying "YES!"

After submitting payment, you will have immediate access to the Global Grant Writers Collective! You will receive a series of emails aiding in your onboarding.

Begin by watching Phase 0 videos which are for orientation. Then introduce yourself in the community group! The rest will come naturally once you’re inside. Come join us!

The most common fear prospective students have is not having enough time to watch the online instructional videos and take action. You’re busy. We get it! For that reason, we boiled the coursework down as tightly as possible.

If you can commit 5 hours per week, you will build momentum. As you progress and hit certain milestones, you will unlock the next module of course content.

Most members are paying for their investment within the Collective within 6 months of joining with 2-3 paid projects!

Successful students are blocking their schedule and treating the course like a college class. You wouldn’t miss a college class! Treat your online learning the same way and schedule the time for it.

This program is the MOST time efficient way to learn grant writing and business skills.

Welcome! Over half the people who learn from us have zero experience in grant writing when they got started.

But you have been thinking about it for a long time, right?

This is the perfect opportunity to carve out the time to explore that little something you always wanted to do. You are in a safe space to explore all the opportunities available to you with grant writing as a technical skill set.

Life is too short to not work on that which matters to you. You are in the right place. Join us!

Nope, you don’t. But… concepts stick better when you have a real-world project. We teach a very specific process in Module 1 for finding a PAID real-world project.

Don’t freak out! Promise, our strategy doesn’t involve you actually writing any grants for them until you are ready.

We also have students that collaborate internally to gain experience without taking the lead. No matter what, you’ll get real experience!

YES! We have a 5% Club Mastermind for those with existing grant writing consulting businesses that have made at least $50,000 in annual revenue.

We regularly hear from advanced grant writers that the course content is invaluable, particularly in teaching you refined project management skills.

Here’s a snippet of a quote from one of our advanced grant writers, Tara O’Hanley: “I’ve been chasing, working under, or administering grants for more than 20 years at this point, and today is easily the best I have ever felt about anything related to the grant writing process…What a relief, to go from merely working hard (and not knowing whether it will pay off) to working smart (and being able to relax, knowing that, if I stay focused, I have my best possible shot at success)… I’ll sing the praises of this course to anyone who will listen, for as long as I can!"

Absolutely! You will need to complete Phase 0-3 course video work and pass two exams. You will also submit a real Funding Strategy to be reviewed by a coach for pass/fail. It takes members an average of 104 days to become certified. Once certified, we will mail you a certification that is excellent social proof for your LinkedIn and website if you have one!

We have the best guarantee in the industry. Research our “competitors” (#humble) and you will see they have a no refund policy.

Join the monthly payment plan option and you get FULL access to the Collective. That gives you time to check out course videos, participate in the community, and attend a coaching call.

If you still don’t think the Collective is the finest corner of the internet, let us know within 24 days, and we will cancel your payments going forward. That means, you only have to commit to 1 month for full access, which in case it isn’t obvious, is a hella generous guarantee.

Thereafter, your membership to the Collective has a remaining 11 month commitment that then goes month to month as long as you want to stay. 78% of our members stay beyond their first year. The program is designed to serve you for three years as you fully actualize your career!

An additional data point for you is that we survey our members at month 11 to ask how likely they are to recommend the Global Grant Writers Collective. It’s called a Net Promoter Score, and it’s considered “world class” to be above 80%. Ours is 88%.

When you sign up, you are joining the Global Grant Writers Collective for one year. Your membership will renew next year unless you decide to cancel. Don’t worry, we will send you an email reminder! Your membership will be “grandfathered” in at the price you join today.

78% of our members stay beyond their first year. The program is designed to serve you for three years as you fully actualize your career!

Great question! It’s because no one fully actualizes on their career development in anything less than 12 months (and if you do - you need to set bigger goals!). The program is designed to support you for three years as you progress your career. As they say, new levels - new devils. The Collective is designed to support you through each of the phases because trust us, you’ll be asking different questions at month three than you’ll ask at month 13!

We have closed captioning on all instructional videos and transcripts available for you to download. If you have additional suggestions on how to make our program as inclusive as possible, please feel free to share those with us!

We have a group Q & A call coming up to answer questions about the Global Grant Writers Collective. You can register for that call here.

Still have questions? Get in touch.

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Whatever You Decide...

We support you. Whether that means joining us or doing something completely different, all we want for you is forward motion.

There are no silver bullets when building a grant writing career. If you are willing to put in the work, the Global Grant Writers Collective is here to support you every step of the way.

Life is short. Build a life you love.

With Love from Meredith and Alex
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