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We don't want to sugar coat it. Grant writing is hard work. But, if it fits your personality and goals, it can be life changing.

Getting professionally trained in grant writing:

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Saves you years of mistakes and lost grants.

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Makes you indispensable.

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Gives you lifestyle flexibility.

Student learning how to write grants and win grant funding Grant writing funding for volunteer projects Example of what grants for artists can fund
How to Write A Grant: Become a Grant Writing Unicorn book

Discover If Grant Writing Is For You

Learn common traits of successful grant writers, career opportunities, and what it’s like to learn with us.

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The Complete Step-by-Step Program to Think Like a Funder, Find Grants, and Write Winning Proposals.

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The Only Program of Its Kind...

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To modernize how grant writing is taught

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Built for the super busy

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Taught by a team of grant writers

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Teaching how to prepare a funding strategy

Community changemakers learning how to secure grant funding
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What You Can Expect To Learn

In three modules and three hours of nutrient dense video training, you will learn the exact steps to write winning grant applications.

Module 1

Prepare for Success

Start with a strong foundation

Module 1: Preparation

Get oriented for success and download 15+ templates, including sample grant narratives.

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    Lesson 1: Getting Oriented
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    Lesson 2: Project Vs Program
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    Lesson 3: Grant Writing Templates

Module 2: Find Grants

This is our secret sauce! Nobody teaches the grant research process like we do.

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    Lesson 1: Buckets of Funding
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    Lesson 2: The Grant Research Process
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    Lesson 3: Round 1 - Find 100+ Grants
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    Lesson 4: Round 2 - From 100+ to ≈ 20
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    Lesson 5: Round 3 - Choose Top 2-5 Grants Worth Pursuing
Module 2

Grant Research

Focus on the right grants

Module 3

Write Winning Grants

A step by step approach

Module 3: Write Grants

What you came here looking for! A clear roadmap to grant writing.

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    Lesson 1: Read Grant Guidelines and Prepare a Narrative Skeleton
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    Lesson 2: Grant Schedule and Kick-Off
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    Lesson 3: Develop Your Grant Budget
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    Lesson 4: Resolution & Letters of Support
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    Lesson 5: Write Your Narrative
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    Lesson 6: Data Driven Writing and Editing
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    Lesson 7: Submit Your Application!
Additional bonus training

In Addition, You'll Get...

Module 4: Bonus Training!

Your course includes additional grant training videos based on topics of popular demand including:

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    Lesson 1: Fiscal Sponsorship
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    Lesson 2: Energy Management
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    Lesson 3: Software for Grant Writing
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    Lesson 4: Project Planning
Module 4

Bonus Training!

New training added regularly

Private community of grant writers

Plus, a Private Community Group of Grant Writers

We have a world-class community of grant writing unicorns. Grant writing can be lonely, especially when you’re supposed to be the expert! This community is for you to safely ask questions and get access to professional grant writing coaches.

Ready To Get Started?

There's only one way to know if you'll like grant writing and our teaching style... by giving it a whirl! Gift yourself an hour of continued education.

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