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While the online courses are self-directed, we are definitely real people behind the scenes continually improving content! 

Have any questions or feedback at all? Don't hesitate to reach out and let us try to answer your questions or take action on your suggestions. 

We want  you and your organization to succeed. Feel like you need some combination of self-directed learning but also some one-on-one mentorship? Let's design a solution that fits your experience and goals. 

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SenecaWorks LLC
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About Meredith Noble

I accidentally fell into grant writing as a side job. Little did I realize, I had found my thing! I loved navigating the triangle between the funder, technical staff, and community. I went on to become a full-time grant writer for a global engineering firm, where I grew the company’s in-house program to 35+ grant writers. I secured over $42M in grants and low-interest loans for projects throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Later, I started SenecaWorks, a company dedicated to planning and designing strong, healthy communities. Before long, I started teaching grant writing workshops. Students loved it, but I was discontent knowing they weren’t getting total transformation in a one or two day workshop. I wanted something that was more hands on - like a college class - but better. That led to building LearnGrantWriting.Org!  

When not working on grants, I'm outside connecting with Alaska's wild places. I backcountry ski, bike, trail run, and travel. Living close to the outdoors provides a daily source of inspiration for working remotely.

I love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to reach out. Share ideas for improving the learning experience. Brainstorm ways we can collaborate. Celebrate your grant writing success. Whatever it is - I want to hear!

Founder & Course Instructor

Our Mission

To equip change-makers with the skills they need to build vibrant, healthy communities.

Our Values

Inspiration. Hard Work. Creativity. Generosity. 

About SenecaWorks

And the Founding of LearnGrantWriting.Org

SenecaWorks LLC is a boutique project management consulting firm. We are united by our values to design communities for the people who live in them. We work on projects that support attainable housing, walkable and bike friendly transportation, thriving business districts, and a creative workforce. 

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