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990 Finder and Starting a Grant Narrative Template


We were working on a project for the Alaska Ocean Cluster and thought, we should be sharing this! This short video shows you how we confirmed a funding agency has given to Alaska organizations previously (using the 990 finder in Instrumentl). 

Then we started a grant narrative template. We collaborated with the team at the Alaska Ocean Cluster to prepare this proposal. It's much easier to do this in Google docs than try to operate out of an online grant foundation application system. 

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Tips for Writing Your First Draft of a Grant Narrative

It seems like the internet is filled with general grant writing tips that aren’t too useful. I don’t want to add to the noise at all, but these tips are genuine rules I try to live by when grant writing. Why? It makes the writing process faster and helps your grant reviewer find the information they need.

The tips below assume you have already set up a narrative ‘skeleton’ or template for filling in your responses. If you haven’t, download our free mini course on narrative writing to learn how to prep your narrative. Once you have that in place and are ready to start writing, here are tips and tricks to consider:

Write fast and furiously! It can be so tempting to go look up facts or information, but in your first draft try to not leave the word document. While you are typing, just make notes of sections you want to add facts or information and come back to it later. Use bullet points to list ideas. Ideally turn off your internet so you can’t be...

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