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Inspiration for Ideas: Funding for a Historic City Hall

When I’m looking for inspiration on how to get a complicated project funded, I like to see how others funded their projects. This week we will look at funding opportunities for a historic city hall.

To be clear, city hall or other municipal-type buildings can be extremely difficult to secure grant funding. This is because it is expected that those expenses are covered by local government revenues. Occasionally though, you will have a unique case for getting your project funded, and that was the case for this project.

Instead of moving City Hall to the outskirts of the community with a new building, they were working to preserve and upgrade the historic building that originally housed city administration. This small community was known for valuing its historic assets and having a charming downtown.

Here are the ideas that I presented to them (back in 2017!):

Washington State Historical Society: Heritage Capital Projects Fund – This program is your best option for...

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