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Applying Design Thinking to Community Negotiations

This week I was in Koyukuk, Alaska helping the tribe and city agree on how to best share the responsibilities of maintaining their road system. We also worked on rebooting plans for a new community hall. To facilitate these discussions, I borrowed exercises from IBM’s Design Thinking. The process was 10x richer than a traditional public meeting and gave clear direction on where to focus.  


We were going to kick off the transportation planning meeting with a Hopes and Fears exercise, but delicious snacks and socializing took a bit longer than planned. It’s still my all-time favorite way to start a meeting with a new group of people, however, and here’s why:

  • Helps the facilitator tailor the rest of the session to address the hopes and fears raised.
  • If fears are persisting as the project evolves, then I know what to focus on to address those underlying issues.
  • It helps everyone get comfortable being transparent and open with each other, and...
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