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Grant Budgeting When You're Not a 'Numbers Person'

If you’re a grant writer, you probably prefer words over numbers. When it comes time to develop a project budget, you would hope someone more technical would take lead, but unfortunately this task usually falls on your shoulders. Don’t despair! In this post, we will give you an example of how to develop a project budget in just a week.  

The Native Village of Tetlin in Alaska was pursuing an Indian Community Development Block Grant for housing rehabilitation. To develop the project scope and budget, we first needed to assess what work needed to be done. To do this, the 1st Chief and Grant Writer, Patricia Young, went door to door over two days to conduct housing assessment interviews. 

Think you’re not qualified to do a housing assessment? Think again! Patricia has no experience with housing, but she thoughtfully developed a two-page assessment that provided the exact information needed to develop a project scope and budget. After she developed the...

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What You Need Before You Start Applying for Grants

It can be tempting to jump into the grant writing process too soon. This can be especially true when we see a deadline nearing and think “it’s the perfect grant for us!” Before you pour hours into a pursuit, to only find out it wasn’t successful, we suggest having at very minimum the following planning complete:

  • A Problem Statement
  • Project Description
  • Rough Cost Estimate

A problem statement is a paragraph describing the problem or opportunity that urgently needs addressed. Make it clear what problem is being solved with your project? Just because you think it’s a good idea, doesn’t warrant it worthy of funding. In a few sentences give context to the project. How many people are affected? How is health or the environment impacted? Why does this matter? Here is an example:

“The only way to access the community of Rampart year-round is by small passenger air-carrier three times a week from Fairbanks for $190/roundtrip. The Rampart Airport is...

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