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book grant writing Sep 30, 2019

“Grant writing is overwhelming.”  

“I don’t know where to start.” 

Any of that sound familiar? We can relate! When first learning how to write grants, it may be tempting to go looking for dense books on everything there is to know. We learned this way that lots of information isn't always helpful.

This book takes a different approach. It is personable and easy to read. It shares stories of lessons learned the hard way and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

The book answers the most common questions received. It is a simple guide to get you underway immediately, even if you only read the first chapter! The book covers topics like:

  •       How to write a grant,
  •       How to write a convincing narrative,
  •       Where to find grants to go after,
  •       How to avoid running out of time when applying,
  •       Where to find match funding, and
  •       How to prepare a grant budget (with bonus access to a free budget spreadsheet template!), and more.

A lot of people want to become grant writers, but most do not take the first step to learn how. Stand apart. Make grant writing your superpower. It is a skill set that cannot be taken away from you. Once you know how to write grant proposals, you are perceived in awe by others who think it is too complex to learn!

This book will fast track your learning curve to become a talented grant writer.

Readers have said:

“I really appreciated your pragmatic, straightforward style. Takeaway: “You can win these grants, and I’ll show you how, but you’ve got to hustle!””

“This book has incredible value -- I would recommend it to anyone involved in grant writing in their workplace.”

 The book comes out on Friday, October 4, 2019 on Amazon! Get your copy here.

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