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Learn how to write winning grants with our online grant writing program.

Welcome Community Changemaker!

You are the 20% doing 80% of the work. The quiet leader that puts heart into all you do.

To achieve your vision, you need grants!

You have come to the right place. We make it fun and inspirational to learn grant writing. 

How It Works

Our program "Grant Writing: From Start to Funded" provides instructional videos, direct coaching, and a private network of grant writers. The program is three weeks long and designed for the busy community changemaker. 

If you feel unsure where to find new grants or how to write persuasively, you will graduate knowing exactly where to find grants and how to write winning applications.

We don't leave you hanging after finishing the course! Through your membership, you can continue to ask questions, collaborate with each other, and receive new training materials monthly. 

What You Get

  • The confidence to take an idea and develop it into a funded project!
  • Instructional videos with time-saving templates.
  • Private community of peer grant writers to collaborate with.
  • Feedback from an expert grant writer. 

Learn More

Free Course on How to Write a Grant in 7 Steps

In this free mini course, we break down how to write a grant. There are nine videos between 3-8 minutes each. You can take the entire course in one sitting! We built this for you - the busy community changemaker! Learn more here.

"Meredith prepared us as students to be more adept at finding and applying for grants, slowly elevating knowledge of grant writing to a deeper level...The online program feels like the culmination of a long (or possibly multi-day) conversation with a friend as to how to write a grant."

Matthew Grover
Course Participant

"A few of the things I loved about the course: The grants database is AH-MAZE-ING! I got our organization to sign up for the platform after learning how to use it. We found over 200 grant opportunities within the first few days. How to leverage other sources of $$ for match (thank you for this as it has always been super challenging), and get awesome letters of support. How to put together a funding strategy. I have been struggling with this for almost two years since I started working for my current organization. Seeing this was like a god-send for inexperienced and unorganized me who suddenly found herself in charge of an organization in need of sustainable long-term funding!"

Leanna Heffner, Ph.D.
Partnership Director, Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative

"Grant writing is HARD. Successful grant writing is the type of endeavor where you want someone in the trenches with you -- someone experienced, who will hold your hand and encourage you when you need it most. I have written proposals and grant applications professionally across a range of industries for more than two decades. As a researcher at heart, rest assured that I have spent literally hundreds of hours pouring through bookstores and searching online for good, accessible guides that don't waste your time with fluff. I have never come across a program as clear and useful as this one. I flew through the program and didn't want to stop. Meredith is a straight shooter and will tell you when you are better off *not* submitting an application, and she provides hands down the best templates, trackers, calendars, and matrices you can find."

Tara O'Hanley
Professional Grant Writer and Volunteer for a Theater Arts Community Organization

"Whether you’ve been grant writing for years or if it’s your very first time, trial by fire style (we’ve all been there), Noble’s can-do approach to grant writing is for everyone. I’ve been writing grants for public and private funds, for both nonprofits and public entities, over the last several years. I’ve attended workshop after workshop and poured over books and online articles galore about the grant writing process, looking for the secret recipe for the perfect grant application and trying to get an edge over the competition, but without much success. After years of searching, I finally found what I was looking for outlined in this book and her online program. It is the best road map I’ve found for actually writing a grant from pre-planning to submittal, with a whole lot of humor along the way."

Annalisa Twohig
Professional Grant Writer and SheJumps Volunteer

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