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We help those ready for a career change become paid grant writers, so they have the flexibility to build a life they love. Sound appealing?

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Hi! You're in the right place if you want...

We are not going to sugar coat it. Grant writing is hard work. But, if it fits your personality and goals, it can be life changing.

Getting trained in grant writing and business will:

Show you how to get paid freelance grant writing on your very first project.

Feel confident in your abilities to write successful grants for causes you care about.

Eliminate fears of what happens if your grant doesn’t win and how to maximize your win rate.

Allow you to make a meaningful difference in the world!

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Is Grant Writing For You?

If you like collaboration, flexibility in your schedule, and meaningful work, then the answer is probably yes! Have you grabbed a copy of our book yet?

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How to Write a Grant book by Meredith Noble
Learning how to write grants online class

Start Small and Side Hustle

Changing careers can be scary! Start small by side hustling alongside your current job. Earn your professional grant writer certification and build your confidence with real, paid projects.

Take Free Grant Writing Class

Earn a Real MBA

After making $15,000 as a freelance grant writer, decide if you want to land a full-time job or become a grant writing consultant.

Free Training on How
Formal Grant Writing Training from Start to Funded
Build a life and career you love getting paid writing grants

Build a Life You Love

You’ve worked hard to design a career that supports your lifestyle goals, now learn to keep it that way. Learn to manage your time so you never burn out again.

Stop Cycle of Burn Out

Reviews of Learn Grant Writing

You can read additional success stories here and on YouTube.

Watch video to see if grant writing is a job for you

Decide If Grant Writing Is For You

Think you’re asking too much of the universe to have a fulfilling career and more time to enjoy your life? Nahhh! You CAN have both, and this free grant writing class will show you how.

Watch Video

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