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Online Grant Writing Courses

Start by planning your project or program so it's ready to apply for grant funding. Learn how to research grant opportunities and develop a grant strategy. Then learn how to write a grant application from beginning to end! All three courses take 3-4 hours of time for 12 weeks.

Project Planning

Writing grants is the easy part. It's getting a project ready to pursue funding that can be so hard. This course will walk you through how to develop an idea into a project ready to secure funding. You will learn how to develop a project budget and scope of work, select a team, establish any partnership agreements, secure site ownership, and more.

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Funding Research

This is arguably the most confusing part of the funding process, but it is the most important! In this course you will learn how to research grant availability, confirm eligibility and competitiveness, and select opportunities with the greatest likelihood of success. You will emerge from this training knowing how to develop a winning funding strategy.

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Grant Writing

At last we focus on the actual task of grant writing! This training teaches everything from how to stay organized when beginning a new grant application to how you incorporate demographic data into your narrative. The course has downloadable templates for requesting letters of support, a memorandum of agreement, resolution to submit, and more. 

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"Even as an experienced grant writer I learned a ton from this course. I especially appreciated the budget template to make federal grant applications easier to complete."

Mary Ann W.
Tribal Administrator

"You have a great skill in grant-writing. Thank you for sharing it with us. This training allowed me to feel more comfortable with the overall funding process."

Thomas L.
Program Director

Sample Class Content with Our FREE Mini Course on Narrative Writing

Want to sample course content before committing to a training? Our free mini course on narrative writing will show you how to prepare a narrative "skeleton" and specific tips for writing compelling and concise proposals. 


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